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R&W Investment Sales is proud to be recognised as experts in Defence Housing Australia (DHA). With years of experience in the DHA market, our team has a wealth of knowledge to share with our clients. To assist our clients in understanding the DHA process and making informed decisions, we have created a range of learning resources. Our resources include informative articles, blog posts, and guides, all designed to provide our clients with the information they need to make informed decisions about their DHA investments. Whether you’re a first-time investor or a seasoned pro, our learning resources will provide you with the insights and information you need to succeed in the DHA market.

DHA Buying FAQs

If you’re looking to buy your first or next DHA investment property, we have some FAQ’s that might help you better understand the process:

In simple terms, yes. You will need to consult your accountant/financial advisor to advise how to buy in your Super Fund. A large number of DHA properties are owned by SMSF’s. The return on investing in
property with a long-term lease, reliable income and fixed fees are great for long term investments.

DHA Fees cover a wide range of areas such as:

  • a flat fee of 16.5% (inc GST) for most free-standing houses
  • a flat fee of 13.0% (inc GST) for properties where a body corporate is responsible for most of the common areas, including external paint.
  • DHA will organise the non-structural repairs, including organising and covering
    the overall cost of repair or replacement of fixed appliances.
  • DHA cover the maintenance and rent should the property ever be vacant
    between tenancies.
  • DHA will organise inspections for contractors or for the property owner when
  • Rent reviews via an independent valuer take place each December to ensure
    best market return.
  • There are also no additional charges for changing of tenants such as re-letting
    and advertising fees.

Each December, an Independent Licensed Valuer is appointed by DHA to provide a
recommendation for rent. This rent determination commences in January of the next year.

At the end of the lease period, the property will be returned to the owner. This means that an owner can move in, rent it out again or sell the property.
DHA will ensure all appliances are in working order (excepting fair wear and tear); the property is professionally cleaned throughout; and the dwelling, grounds and landscaping are in neat and tidy condition.

DHA Selling FAQs

If you’re ready to move to your next investment or perhaps just looking to narrow your portfolio, we have some FAQ’s that could help you with the selling process with DHA:

Yes, you can sell your property mid-lease. The contract & lease on the property will remain in place with DHA. This provides security for the DHA, Tenants and guaranteed income for the new owners for the duration of the lease.

To make it easier, R&W are familiar with the DH property investment program, lease terms and property care contract.

If you wish to access property information of a property you own, you will just need to log onto the DHA Online Services via the “Appraisal and Sale” tab.

Providing R&W with the following is the best starting step to selling your DHA Home:

  • Photos of the property
  • Existing Floor Plans
  • A copy of the lease and property care contract (applicable for Lease Edition 7)
  • Current Lease conditions
  • A copy of Agent instructions to send to your appointed real estate agent.

We recommend finding an agent that is knowledgeable with how DHA works and the process involved. At R&W we have been working with DHA & investors for decades to provide smooth transition for buyers & sellers.

If you decide to proceed with the sale of your property, appoint an agent and start the sale process on your online Services account, via the “Appraisal and Sale” tab.

Once you have notified DHA of your intent to sell, a physical inspection on the property can now be scheduled using your Online Services account. Once the inspection has been booked, we will send you an email with information about your appointed agent’s details and preferred times for the inspection.

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